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We generate consistent phone and email leads on a monthly basis to get you more students.

3 Simple Steps to More Students

1. Hire BJJ Leads

1. Hire BJJ Leads

Our marketing experts not only specialize in getting qualified leads that will convert into more students, but also love and practice Jiu Jitsu regularly. We understand the goals of growing academies and love to help spread BJJ to anyone that wants to learn it.  

2. Campaigns Start

2. Campaigns Start

We've perfected finding the ideal potential students and built cutting-edge strategies that consistently work. Calls and emails will start coming in almost immediately.
3. Get More Students

3. Get More Students

Grow your Jiu Jitsu Academy as quickly as you'd like. We can aggressively market you BJJ school to start filling up the mats almost immediately, or we can grow it slowly and consistently over time.

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